Darn Crackden!

Yesterday me and a friend paid a visit to the t’old popular Crackden within the city area of Sheffield, which I’ve visited and explored countless times, the reason I popped down today was to take pictures of the new Graff here by Colorarti, Eugene Booms, and Prone.

Upon entrance, we was greeted by two Graff artist spraying away which was cool to see them in action! I believe one of the artist was ‘Dank/s’

Colorarti x Booms x Prone piece!


The piece above this collab is by an artist named, Dscreet, famous for his trademark Owls!




I also took a retake of an old Phlegm piece as I never got this exact shot within previous visits.


From the den itself this is all I took today, they are however a few more new pieces which I’ll be posting within the next few days. I’ll be back again to show you all a more detailed run down of the actual buildings and the Graff.

Here’s a video of the huge Phlegm piece here to keep you going for now!

Cheers for reading guys, more to come tomorrow!


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