Yo people, welcome to my blog. I am kinda new to this blogging game so I’ll aim to keep this intro short and sweet! Basically, I am into Graffiti & Abandoned Buildings within Sheffield and all that fun stuff, however I’m always up for something new!

Urbexing; which is short for ‘Urban Exploring’ this originated back to a year ago when I first started university where I used to walk around the city at break times where I admired the streetart otherwise known as graffiti where I began to document this art by taking photos for my own keep and to show others through my Instagram account, I realised in order to get to the best and more rare street art within Sheffield I needed to up my game and check out these buildings which I haven’t regretted one bit, I explore these buildings both solo and in groups to ensure I’m safe. Most of these buildings are abandoned steel working related factories; this is due to Sheffield’s heritage of the ‘Steel City’.

One of the major reasons to why I am passionate about this hobby is because I am seeing and documenting things which the public wouldn’t normally think about seeing and even doing, some even describe what I do as ‘strange’ but I like the thought of the unknown and seeing something different to your normal shopping streets and buildings, this hobby can be dangerous as by accessing the building’s you don’t know what you could come across but this is all part of the fun and a reason why I don’t always do it alone.

To say I started the game over a year ago I haven’t attempted to make any blog post so I’m going to go from today and make it a clean slate, I’ll be revisiting the places I’ve been too in order to document them on this blog.

My explorations have taken me to abandoned factories, steel & knife factories, mills, houses, railway lines, and many more! Sorry about the long starting post, I promise the content will get way more interesting once I begin posting photos as they do paint a thousand words! 😉

Cheers for reading,


Instagram: Sheards2

Twitter: CameronSheard

3 thoughts on “Intro!

  1. Good luck with your blog.
    There are a couple of Sheffield based wordpress sites that you may wish to check out:
    Two of my wordpress sites (noted below) have things you might be interested in – just enter a local artist in the search bar on either of the blogs to call up blog posts that include them 😉 You’ll find quite a lot of Phlegms work on Postcard Cafe although I’m sure you appreciate I don’t publish the actual locations – for obvious reasons!
    Best wishes…

      1. Hi Cameron. Loved your blog, really inspiring places and shots.

        I would like to contact you directly…is there a way to send you a private message through the comments section or any other way? Couldn’t find the way to do it.

        Or you can email me if that’s more convenient:

        Thanks and keep it up!

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