Prey to some wild beast – Phlegm

Here is one of my favourite phlegm pieces I’ve come across so far. The reason I revisited this place was because I heard mentions of the building to be knocked down, where I’ve witnessed work men activity for myself which you’ll see in the photographs. I had to wait around 50 minutes for the work men to leave as I got there around half 3 and I know work men usually finish around 4, it was sure worth the wait and I was just about to give up just as they left and the fact it was getting dark. The normal entrance was blocked with boards and wire, so I had to jump the fence; hurt myself a little but all part of the fun! I managed to get some good final flicks of this piece as well as a video which I’ll include in this post.

Below is the work men shot, this shutter was up while they was there but I obviously had to wait till they left and this shutter was locked once again after they left.


The big boy





Sorry about the rockiness in the below clip it was just that I was moving fast as I wanted to be quick as I was on my own.

I’ll miss this place/piece, just glad I managed to get some decent final shots on a clear day. There’s also some other work here by, Coloquix. These I’ll include in a post at a later date.

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