The 3 F’s

Funky, Farmhouse, Fun!

Here is a mission from a few weeks ago now but only just managed to sort the photographs out. The trip was more of a revisit as I was close by so I couldn’t miss this opportunity to get some higher quality shots with my better camera. Some great graff in this complex, my fav been the Phlegm which originally brought me here!



 Sill Art


Rate1 & Haste


Eugene Booms; didn’t realise this piece was here, was great to find it by mistake. One of my personal favs of Booms!


Sneaky Colorarti worm!


‘Isolated Together’ Phlegm


Work from the H2i guys


The rest of the Farmhouse



Overall great little revisit, was nice to see some spraying action too while there!

9 thoughts on “The 3 F’s

      1. Ahh it’s cool, it’s where my profile pic thingy was taken ha! There’s another upstairs to it near the phlegm pieces but never gone for it, seems too dodgy. Used to be a ledge but there’s not now so hard to get up to it!

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