Railway Vibes

It was the old small Phlegm piece which brought me to this spot, wanted to get here fast as it’s wearing away! I really liked this spot as it felt like you wasn’t in Sheffield, just really something different. The old railway lines and the design of the bridges just top it off! A lot graff down at this complex, which is what I like to see; too many different artist to name however.


Was really surprised to find this really old Clem Alice piece, always nice to see some of his stuff although it’s just about gone 😦ImageImage



2 thoughts on “Railway Vibes

  1. More good stuff. Well spotted on the Clem Alice – had no idea that was here. Just watch it on those lines, they’re still used for freight a couple of times per day apparently!

    1. It was my friend who spotted it as he shouted and referred to it as ‘phlegm’ ha! It’s a really nice piece the Clem, shame it’s fading 😦 The old one at William Fasteners which was fading is now no longer there. I actually thought the lines were abandoned but I’ve seen videos with freights using them.

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