Freshhhh stuff!

Here’s a spot which is rather close to a regular/known spot, this is the first time I have ventured out to this building, so it was cool to see new stuff. Some top small pieces here which I rarely see photographed so it was great to discover them in the flesh!


Impressive stencil by Haste: Shame that half of the piece was covered, least the original message is still there which I am personally digging.

Great to see a stencil of the lovely Greg Connolly (Coloquix)

Two little pieces by Colorarti with Haste to the left of the second piece

Was cool to find this new Rate1 one piece he’s recently completed

Rest of the actual building

Unsure what this building was before it was left. The room was pretty much pitch black so I was relying on my flash to aid me with the photographs! They was another room which had no light at all.

4 thoughts on “Freshhhh stuff!

      1. By coincidence I think Mila K’s exhibition is on here today (it’s either here or the other warehouse here) – unfortunately I won’t be able to go but thought I’d mention in case yr about and hadn’t seen.

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