Step to the rave.

Here’s an explore from a couple of weeks ago now which I haven’t got round to posting. The building is huge and was formerly a tool factory within the industrial sector of Sheffield. The building within its more previous ‘Abandoned Years’ has been a hub for ‘Warehouse Raves’ this can be seen from evidence around the building from empty bottles to nitrous canisters. There’s not much original equipment here from its past days, they are however a few chairs, filing cabinets, keys and old equipment knocking around but most of it has been wiped out. The place now is really an art gallery for street art as they is some remarkable content in this building.

I’ll start off with photos of what is left from the original works. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Now onto the art work; work by Phlegm, it appears that this abandoned building has been a bit of a playground for Phlegm as they is a good few to be seen around the complex. Image Image Image Image

Phlegm x Rocket01 Image

Angry Face; It’s a shame that the first piece has been dogged, the piece is still however a personal fav of mine! Image

Digging this slogan piece of his Image

Colorarti ImageImageImageImage

Colorarti x Tekontasecta  Image

Coloquix ImageImage

Clem Alice ImageImageImage

Rate1 Image

Eugene Booms Image

The building has a roof with an awesome view of the old industrial part of Sheffield! Image

The complex was swarming with pigeons! With the sound of them given the illusion that someone was there.. Great to see new life by them, though. Image

Rest of the complex ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

I realise that this is a photo heavy post but the complex is huge and it’s hard to pick out the best ones, they is much more to this place art and space wise!

2 thoughts on “Step to the rave.

  1. Really good to see some photos of the building, along with the graff. Along with the obviously great phlegm stuff, the Clem Alice red piece at the top of those stairs is one of my favourites. And those eggs! Brilliant, well found!

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