2 heads are better than 1!

Quick unexpected visit today to the old Crackden with a couple of friends, the plan was to show a friend some of the hidden side of Sheffield so what a better way to start, the Crackden! The explore was a lot better than anticipated due to the fact that I found a ladder to a part of the complex which I’ve never been on, this is due to there been no way up before but thanks to the ladders today I got up! All photos were taken on my phone due to the visit been unplanned so I didn’t have my camera.. The flicks turned a lot better than expected.


Classic piece by Phlegm

Bine x Haste

This chair was covered in shit, literally! It wasn’t by a pigeon too..

‘2 heads are better than 1’ Awesome piece by Eugene Booms

Not the best sight..

The newly explored part will be featured within my next post tomorrow!

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