My two day visit to London this week captured in 10 photographs. No Graffiti this time however!

View of The Shard & others from Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Looking up @ The Shard; this is a building which I really wanna go to the top of but the price is pretty hefty, I will do this next time I am there though as the views look amazing!


Convent Garden

Lyceum Theatre; Lion King! Didn’t go and see this however.

Supreme London; Peter Street. A store which I’ve always wanted to visit as I am into their clothing. Managed to get snag a nice Supreme Cap pick-up while there.

Overall great little visit in London, one not to forget!

4 thoughts on “Lúndūn.

  1. Great pics!
    Yeah the Shard charges around £150 to get to the top of it I think – from the last time I was down there – what a right rip off – you would think that you would get a full lunch with the view with the price! 🙂
    Good work mate! 🙂

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