A day at Wimbledon

Yesterday (04.07.2014, which was day 11 of Wimbledon) I was lucky enough to be invited to go.

Waiting through the que feelings of excitement and eager was created due to the good weather, the people, and the overall vibe. I had a ground pass which entitled me to the grounds and all the courts except for the main two however these matches were witnessed on the giant screen over at Henman Hill (Murray Mount) within the park itself. Watching the tennis here sure makes you proud to be British. The atmosphere around the grounds was brilliant and I’m really amazed by how green and perfect the park and the courts were!

The que for the Grounds Ticket for the day was over 2 hours and we had to get there for roughly 7 am, I didn’t mind the wait due to the weather and the overal vibe!

Overall great day except for the major sun burn I got, oh well!









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