Roof Top Vibes.. Churchy!

Here’s the follow-up post from ‘Churchy’ of the roof top which I experienced while exploring this Abandoned Church within Sheffield.

Several small wooden stairs needed to be climbed in order to reach the roof which was just past the original bell tower room, as the stairs progressed they seemed weaker and full of pigeon sh*t which made the climb that slight bit harder! While proceding to the roof tops I totally forgot about the risk I was taking and I was just thinking about the ‘reward’. Yes, the risk paid off but anything could have happened as it wasn’t the safest of steps! They were two stages of roof which I will point out in the photos so you know which are what.

Here’s a pic of a small amount of the steps which I had to cover to get to the top.


Here’s a pic of the first stage of the roof!

Here’s the second and best stage which was the top of the church, the reward!







The clear & warm day made the vibe that bit better! I took a small video while on the roof which I will include below. The bird circling me in the video was really cool!

You can see the rest of my high quality photos from this ‘splore over on my Flickr feed.

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