Night Shoot!

Abandoned Office Tower, Sheffield (September 2014)

Here are some Long Exposure shots from a rooftop within the centre of Sheffield. This is an activity which I’ve always wanted to do but I have never had the given opportunity until I became aware of access to this Abandoned Office Tower. I got a small number of shots from the explore within the actual building but with it been the evening the shots aren’t 100% so I’ll focus on the rooftop photos within this post and revisit the location within the day time to get some better shots of the interior of the building. Overall I am pleased with how the photos have turned out to say it was my first time dealing with Long Exposure, this explore has defiantly made me want to hit up more rooftops within the future; especially at night!






I also shot a quick video on my iPhone while up here, which I’ll link below. Not sure why the video didn’t pan out too good in terms of quality which I apologize for. I thought it’d be a shame not to share though!

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