Abandoned Morgue, Wakefield (September 2014)

Here’s an explore from September (2014). This explore brought us to an Abandoned Hospital within Wakefield. The Morgue which I’ll be covering within this post was separated from the Hospital so I’ll treat them both as separate explores and go over the Abandoned Hospital within my follow up post.

In order to get into this eerie place we had to climb through a small open window, this was tricky but rewarding!

Loved the overall vibe of this place. To date this explore has been one of the most eeriest which I am digging as it sure gets the adrenaline goin!

The Morgue was surprisingly small, really don’t know why I’m saying ‘surprisingly’ as I’ve never been to a Morgue yet  alone an Abandoned one.. so I just pictured it as been ‘big’.

What made this place special was the overall character and what story the building portrays and the stories in which the 4 walls could tell.. Also, decay! The decay was really cool in this spot which you’ll see for yourself within the flicks..









More photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:

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