A door closes, another door opens..

Abandoned Silversmiths, Sheffield (May 2014)

Going through my old stuff and I realised I never got round to posting this gem! Not much history available on the works, known for Silversmiths/Polishing Mops/Buffs Manufacturers.

In its abandoned years the place has been known to be a squat/hub for drug users, however during my visit you could see that it has been cleaned up with minimal signs of this behaviour now, all what was left was drawings/carvings to tell the stories. The place was pretty stripped however they was still some decent stuff laying around which you’ll see within the photos. This is one location which has always fascinated me ever since I got into all this exploring malarky due to the spot been right in the heart of the city, it just kinda sticks out. When we discovered access to the building we couldn’t wait to get in! Got loads of photos from this visit so it was hard to streamline them down when picking em for this post.

It was awesome to see the ‘clockin in clock’ in such great condition! Upon entry we was greeted by a dead fox.. Daunting to say the least!

Anyway, on with the photos you’ve been waiting for!













After my initial visit, the place attracted both Graffiti/Street Artist which was great to see some awesome work. I never really got round to getting decent photos of these pieces however. After my initial visit I went again twice as I loved this place! One of them times was in the middle of the night, that was sure a different vibe altogether! The place is now sealed, maybe one day I’ll get in again. Until then, the door is ‘closed’ 😉

More photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:


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