The Comeback

It’s been a good month in Sheffield for us so far in terms of Phlegm’s creations as we have been greeted with two new arrivals! There’s the chance of some more cropping up, which is fantastic!

The first piece completed this week is located on Devonshire Street on a shop we all know named ‘Rare & Racy’. You’ve got to love the justification of this piece!

28.01.2015 00-37 (1)

28.01.2015 00-37 (2)

Onto the next piece which is in a more remote location however it’s still in Sheffield!

‘The Spider’

After having a failed attempt on the first day with me going completely the wrong direction (left instead of right) making it a lot harder for myself, I missed out due to it going dark. I went again on the second day after some expert guidance from a good friend. This has to be one of my favourites to date!

28.01.2015 00-37

28.01.2015 00-37 (3)

28.01.2015 00-38 (1)


28.01.2015 00-38

28.01.2015 00-39

Also managed to snag a shaky video of the location/piece while there.

More posts to come over the next few days/weeks from my recent Explores in Sheffield & beyond!

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