Stratheden Hospital, Fife

“Stratheden Hospital is currently a small community hospital in Cupar, Fife which was originally called Fife and Kinross District Asylum. Its name was changed to Stratheden Hospital in 1948. It was built in 1866 and redeveloped in 1896, 1905, 1960-1975 and 2015-2016. It became a centre of excellence in Child and Family Psychiatry from the 1960s. In the 21st-century, it caters for psychiatric health.

When the hospital was opened on 1 July 1866, it was known as the Fife and Kinross District Asylum. 159 patients were recorded on the roster although it was built to accommodate up to 200. The first chief physician, John Batty Tuke, pioneered the hospitals “open door” policy and helped change traditional methods of psychiatric care. Due to eventual overcrowding, the hospital was extended in 1896. Costing over £20,000, the extension increased the patient capacity to 600 and a further two new hospital wings were also built in 1905 due to the increasing number of patients.

The creation of the NHS in 1948 completely re-organised the British health system and its hospitals. With the introduction of the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1947 the name of the hospital changed from ‘The Fife and Kinross District Asylum’ to ‘Stratheden Hospital’ on 7 July 1948.”


Explored: June 2018


More photos can be seen from this visit on my Flickr:

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