Holding’s Pottery, Oswaldtwistle

“Holding’s Country Pottery was founded in 1842 by James Holding, but it was not originally located on Haslingden Old Road where it is now. The original pottery was built a short distance away in Gaulkthorn, another outlying area of Oswaldtwistle. In 1860 James Holding moved his business to Broadfield, then in 1900 his son Grimshaw Holding set up the pottery on the present site. Their product range was quite extensive and we found what looked like communion wine goblets with matching candle holders in the same metallic glazed finish, red clay plant pots, huge planters, wall planters, a hollow red clay animal (headless now – a frog? a cat? a lion?), and both glazed and un-glazed examples of what appeared to be a whole range of brown table ware jugs and the like known as the “Treacle Glaze” range.”

Source: http://www.jarrelook.co.uk/Urbex/Holdings%20Brothers%20Pottery/Holdings_Pottery.htm

Explored: August 2018

To see more photos as well as higher resolution photos from this explore, head over to my Flickr:


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