Meanwood Park Hospital/Mansion, Leeds

“In 1762 Thomas Denison purchased a house and thirteen acres of land where he built his mansion named Meanwood Hall. From then on the mansion went through a number of owners till the mansion became derelict and in 1921 Leeds Corporation bought the estate and the surrounding land of 178 acres in all from Sir Hickman Beckett Bacon of Thonock, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, grandson of Sir Thomas Beckett. The Mental Deficiency Act of 1913, empowered Leeds City Council to make residential provision for those people today described as having Learning Disabilities, previously known as Mental Deficiency, then Subnormality (1959) and Mental Handicap (1970s). For this purpose the Council acquired/obtained the Meanwood Park Estate. All domestic work was done by patients. In the men’s workshops furniture was repaired. Basket and leather work were done. Building closed in 1997 and has stood derelict ever since”


Explored: October 2018


To see more photos as well as higher resolution photos from this explore, head over to my Flickr:

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