Seven Pines Mansion, Virginia Water Surrey

Mansion owned by former film writer, Bryan Forbes. Bryan and his wide Nanette bought the house in 1955 for £7000 which was derelict at the time, the cash was borrowed to buy the house with 10 acres of land. They both lived in the home till 2013 when Bryan died, his wife carried on living there till 2016, she moved out due to the home costing too much to maintain. The home has been purchased by a redevelopment company with the plans of demolishing the building for a new build property.

Explore: June 2019


2 thoughts on “Seven Pines Mansion, Virginia Water Surrey

  1. Bryan was a close friend. Such a shame to see 7 Pines abandoned. Can’t believe how his photo albums were just left here, also his medication, as trash. He was the nicest, most unpretentious person you could ever meet and he adored this house and grounds. Told me when we met at The Beverly Wiltshire Hotel in Beverly Hills when he was returning from a book promotion in Australia, that if he didn’t write he couldn’t afford to live there. He died in the bedroom here surrounded by his family.
    I still miss him.

  2. Would the owner like me to keep an eye on it. For free. All id want to do is be able to shoot . In the grounds. I’d keep it safe if your like to pass on this message please many thank. Darren

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