West Burton (A) Power Station

“Built on the site of the deserted medieval village of West Burton. The station was commissioned between 1967 and 1968. West Burton number one unit was the first of 47 500MW single shaft machines to be ordered and go into full commercial operation.

It was originally operated by the CEGB and then run by National Power after privatisation, until April 1996 when it was bought by the Eastern Group which became TXU Europe. In November 2001 when the price of electricity was low and TXU Europe had severe financial problems, it was bought by the London Power Company for £366 million. The station is now run by EDF Energy. In 1977 a British Rail Class 56 locomotive was officially named in front of the coal plant control block as ‘West Burton Power Station’ number 56009 later re-numbered to 56201.

The principal architects for the buildings were Rex Savidge and John Gelsthorpe of Architects’ Design Group (ADG) from Baker Street, Nottingham. Heliodon modelling was used to determine the visual and psychological impact of the structures to be used on site due to their scale. This created a Zone of Visual Influence (ZVI) a system pioneered by the CEGB for the creation of future 2000 MW power stations in the 1960s. The tower layouts exploit line and lozenge formations. The opposite pairs of the lozenge group were coloured light and dark to avoid tendency of shapes to coalesce when viewed at a moderate distance. The offset tower of the line group has a light yellow colour with intense hue which acts as a nodal point. However, 10 years after construction the towers were indistinguishable from one another, the yellow tint was much faded. The main building colours are limited to black, white and yellow. The ancillary buildings are grouped around two courts through which the approach road passes. The Executive partner for (ADG) was Rex Savidge and Architect in charge was John Gelsthorpe assisted by Norman Simpson.”

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Burton_power_stations

Visited: June 2020


Cottam Power Station in the distance

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